Injury report


Sunday's games

Ravens at Cincinnati

RAVENS: Doubtful: WR Justin Armour (leg). Questionable: RB Chuck Evans (arm); OL Spencer Folau (knee). Probable: QB Tony Banks (ankle); LB Cornell Brown (elbow); DE Rob Burnett (wrist); DE Michael McCrary (thigh).

BENGALS: Out: QB Akili Smith (toe). Doubtful: CB Roosevelt Blackmon (ankle); G Brian DeMarco (elbow); DE Jevon Langford (knee). Questionable: DT Oliver Gibson (foot); CB Artrell Hawkins (shoulder-ankle). Probable: LB Canute Curtis (neck); S Greg Myers (hamstring); WR Darnay Scott (knee).

Atlanta at Tampa Bay

FALCONS: Questionable: G Greg Bishop (knee); DE Chuck Smith (knee); G Gene Williams (ankle). Probable: RB Bob Christian (hamstring); TE Brian Kozlowski (calf); LB Craig Sauer (toe).

BUCCANEERS: Doubtful: T Jason Odom (back); QB Eric Zeier (rib). Questionable: C Todd Washington (ankle). Probable: WR Bert Emanuel (hamstring); G Frank Middleton (shoulder).

Buffalo at N.Y. Jets

BILLS: Out: TE Sheldon Jackson (ankle); G Joe Panos (neck); RB Thurman Thomas (liver contusion). Doubtful: DT Shawn Price (lower back). Questionable: RB Jonathan Linton (knee); RB Antowain Smith (toe).

JETS: Out: T Jason Fabini (knee-IR); TE Eric Green (knee). Probable: T Jumbo Elliott (back); DT Jason Ferguson (foot); WR Keyshawn Johnson (leg).

Carolina at Cleveland

PANTHERS: Doubtful: G Nate Newton (elbow). Questionable: RB Tshimanga Biakabutka (ankle); G Matt Campbell (knee); DE Antonio Edwards (knee); DE Jason Peter (neck). Probable: WR Muhsin Muhammad (chest); S Mike Scurlock (back); P Ken Walter (concussion); TE Wesley Walls (knee).

BROWNS: Out: T Lomas Brown (knee); TE Randy Palmer (knee-IR); WR Leslie Shepherd (calf). Questionable: DT Darius Holland (knee); DE Arnold Miller (hand); LB John Thierry (calf). Probable: DE Roy Barker (back).

Chicago at San Diego

BEARS: Questionable: LB Keith Burns (ankle); WR Curtis Conway (ankle). Probable: QB Shane Matthews (hamstring).

CHARGERS: Out: S Greg Jackson (knee). Doubtful: S Rodney Harrison (shoulder); RB Natrone Means (knee). Questionable: RB Terrell Fletcher (shoulder); DE Al Fontenot (ankle); LB Eric Hill (foot). Probable: C David Binn (concussion); LB Lew Bush (shoulder); LB Gerald Dixon (shoulder); G Kendyl Jacox (knee); CB Darryll Lewis (thigh); TE Al Pupunu (shoulder); CB Terrance Shaw (thumb); RB Tremayne Stephens (thumb).

Dallas at Arizona

COWBOYS: Out: G Larry Allen (knee); WR Michael Irvin (neck); S Izell Reese (neck); CB Kenny Wheaton (knee). Doubtful: QB Troy Aikman (head); CB Kevin Mathis (hamstring); WR Wane McGarity (shoulder). Questionable: CB Deion Sanders (hamstring-groin); RB Emmitt Smith (hand). Probable: RB Robert Chancey (ankle); WR Alvin Harper (quadriceps); C Dale Hellestrae (finger); S George Teague (shoulder).

CARDINALS: Out: QB Jake Plummer (finger); DE Andre Wadsworth (knee). Questionable: T James Dexter (triceps); RB Michael Pittman (toe). Probable: G Chris Dishman (shoulder); DT Jerry Drake (ankle); RB Joel Makovicka (leg); RB Dennis McKinley (knee); DT Eric Swann (knee).

Detroit at Green Bay

LIONS: Out: DE Jared DeVries (foot); LB Richard Jordan (knee); RB Ron Rivers (ankle). Doubtful: CB Kevin Abrams (toe); CB Lamar Campbell (shoulder); DE Tracy Scroggins (shoulder). Questionable: QB Charlie Batch (thumb); LB Chris Claiborne (ankle); WR Herman Moore (knee).

PACKERS: Out: G Joe Andruzzi (knee). Questionable: DE Vaughn Booker (ribs). Probable: T Earl Dotson (back); QB Brett Favre (hand); WR Desmond Howard (finger).

Indianapolis at Philadelphia

COLTS: Doubtful: WR E. G. Green (knee). Questionable: TE Ken Dilger (head). Probable: CB Billy Austin (thigh); CB Jeff Burris (neck); CB Tito Wooten (hamstring-calf).

EAGLES: Doubtful: T Lonnie Palelei (knee). Questionable: LB William Thomas (hip). Probable: S Brian Dawkins (ankle).

New England at Miami

PATRIOTS: Out: LB Ted Johnson (biceps). Questionable: LB Vernon Crawford (knee); RB Harold Shaw (quadriceps). Probable: DE Willie McGinest (thigh).

DOLPHINS: Out: RB Cecil Collins (leg). Doubtful: QB Dan Marino (cervical nerve root). Questionable: T James Brown (foot). Probable: S Calvin Jackson (hamstring).

N.Y. Giants at Washington

GIANTS: Out: RB Joe Montgomery (foot); CB Andre Weathers (knee); S Shaun Williams (hamstring). Doubtful: S Percy Ellsworth (foot); CB Conrad Hamilton (knee).

REDSKINS: Out: G Keith Sims (knee). Doubtful: WR Michael Westbrook (wrist). Questionable: DT Marc Boutte (abdomen); RB Larry Bowie (leg). Probable: DE Marco Coleman (neck); RB Stephen Davis (thigh); DE Ndukwe Kalu (foot); DT Dana Stubblefield (wrist).

Pittsburgh at Tennessee

STEELERS: Out: CB Chad Scott (knee). Questionable: C Dermontti Dawson (hamstring); DE Nolan Harrison (pectoral). Probable: CB Deshea Townsend (shoulder); RB Jon Witman (shoulder).

TITANS: Questionable: DE Henry Ford (calf); RB Spencer George (groin); CB Steve Jackson (hamstring); G Zach Piller (shoulder); TE Mike Roan (neck); T Jon Runyan (shoulder); WR Yancey Thigpen (ankle).

St. Louis at San Francisco

RAMS: Out: S Keith Lyle (shoulder). Questionable: CB Taje Allen (neck); TE Ernie Conwell (knee). Probable: DE Kevin Carter (knee); RB Amp Lee (knee). 49ERS: Out: LB Joe Wesley (knee); QB Steve Young (concussion). Questionable: S Lance Schulters (ankle). Probable: DT Junior Bryant (foot); TE Tony Cline (back); WR Terrell Owens (ankle); LB Lee Woodall (back).

Seattle at Kansas City

SEAHAWKS: Out: LB DeShone Myles (knee); S Brian Walker (hamstring). Questionable: DT Sam Adams (knee); DE Michael Sinclair (groin); LB Darrin Smith (groin). Probable: TE Christian Fauria (ankle); CB Shawn Springs (shoulder).

CHIEFS: Probable: C Tim Grunhard (knee); CB James Hasty (ankle); WR Joe Horn (ankle); RB Bam Morris (shoulder); CB Eric Warfield (ribs); DE Dan Williams (elbow).

New Orleans at Jacksonville

SAINTS: Out: LB Ink Aleaga (knee); G Wally Williams (neck). Doubtful: LB Chris Bordano (ankle); CB Tyronne Drakeford (shoulder); DE Jared Tomich (ankle). Questionable: TE Cam Cleeland (hamstring); LB Mark Fields (back); G Chris Naeole (knee). Probable: CB Alex Molden (calf); DE Troy Wilson (shoulder).

JAGUARS: Out: G Rich Tylski (foot). Questionable: S Donovin Darius (knee); RB Chris Howard (knee); DE Joel Smeenge (groin); RB Fred Taylor (hamstring); WR Alvis Whitted (knee). Probable: DE Tony Brackens (knee); DT Larry Smith (ankle).

Monday's game

Oakland at Denver

RAIDERS: Questionable: G Gennaro DiNapoli (ribs). Probable: T Lincoln Kennedy (groin); WR Terry Mickens (wrist); C Barret Robbins (ankle); DT Darrell Russell (wrist).

BRONCOS: Out: S Eric Brown (knee); TE Shannon Sharpe (clavicle). Doubtful: T Tony Jones (elbow); DT Mike Lodish (calf). Questionable: QB Bubby Brister (ribs); QB Brian Griese (shoulder); RB Derek Loville (hamstring). Probable: CB Ray Crockett (ankle); RB Olandis Gary (toe); DE Harald Hasselbach (eye); S Darrius Johnson (shoulder); C K.C. Jones (knee); T Matt Lepsis (knee); WR Ed McCaffrey (knee); C Tom Nalen (knee); LB Bill Romanowski (ankle); G Mark Schlereth (ankle); DE Neil Smith (ankle); WR Rod Smith (ankle); T Trey Teague (knee); CB Chris Watson (thigh).

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