Cell phone program for seniors wins award


The Carroll County Bureau of Aging and the state's attorney's office have won the U.S. Committee's National Awards for Excellence in Aging Programs for their "Cell Phones for Seniors" program.

The program enables seniors to borrow a cellular phone before traveling, providing communication if they have emergencies, such as a vehicle breakdown or medical crisis.

The cell phones allow no incoming or outgoing calls, but provide a direct connection to 911 dispatchers.

The U.S. Committee developed its awards to encourage growth of community programs and to recognize those that address a positive image of aging and make significant steps toward improving the quality of life for senior citizens.

Carroll's cell phone program was one of 12 award winners chosen from 375 applicants.

The award will be presented Dec. 7 in Washington at "Positive Aging," a day celebrating the Culmination of the United Nations International Year of Older Persons.

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