Bank One Capital I picked as 'preferred stock'


WOULD YOU LIKE more income?

"This is a great time for investors to build a position in high-yielding, high-grade preferred stocks," says Richard Young's Intelligence Report. "We see yields in the 8 percent range. Retired, yield-oriented and just plain conservative investors find preferreds a better choice every day. Our favored new issue is Bank One Capital I 8 percent preferred."

TAX TIP: Between now and Dec. 31, do not buy any mutual fund until after the fund has declared its year-end capital gain dividend. If you do, you'll pay a capital gains tax on a gain you never received.

WALL STREET WATCH: "Only one stock market index managed a new high in October: the NASDAQ. The evidence says that the two-year uptrend is ending. This index appears poised to turn down." (Elliott Wave Theorist)

"With all technical indicators lying in positive territory from which market advances begin, odds are shifting to more positive direction." (Systems and Forecasts)

"The risk of a collapse or crash is the highest since 1987, and the market is tracing patterns consistent with major past breakdowns." (Global Market Strategist)

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