Intellimouse may be cure for repetitive motions; Help Line


It was not entirely clear from your review of the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer whether it would be an improvement for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Would an Intellimouse be easier on the wrists and fingers than a regular mouse?

When asking me for medical advice, keep in mind that while I am more than eager to offer it, I am even less than a quack; I am a newspaper reporter posing as something I am not.

That said, I believe this slick new laser-light-driven pointing device may be a boon to the hordes of computer users who have been injured by repeating the same motions over and over.

The great change this laser-pointing device brings to the table is to get itself off the table. Because it works by shining a red light on whatever surface it rests on, rather than detecting the motion of a ball, the Intellimouse Explorer can be dragged along a user's thigh or stomach, breaking the repetitive nature of each move.

Whether this is a big deal or not is beyond my credentials, but I sure feel better after a day at work using it.

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