"My favorite book is 'Sidney Rella and...


"My favorite book is 'Sidney Rella and the Glass Sneaker' by Bernice Myers. It's like the story 'Cinderella' but about a boy named Sidney Rella. He has a fairy godmother who grants him some wishes. I like this book because it is a funny fairy tale."

-- Brittany Bullock, Church Lane Elementary

"In the book 'Vacation Under the Volcano' by Mary Pope Osborne, the main characters, Jack and Annie, take the Magic Tree House back to the days of the Roman Empire. A volcano is about to erupt, and Jack and Annie's mission is to find a lost scroll before it is destroyed. This book, like the other Magic Tree House books, is more exciting than watching TV. It taught me a lot about life 2000 years ago."

-- Thomas Dielmann, St. John the Evangelist Elementary

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