Mayor Gullo grasped what others should seeCongratulations...


Mayor Gullo grasped what others should see

Congratulations to New Windsor Mayor Jack Gullo for having the courage to switch parties and bail out of the damaging atmosphere of Carroll County's ultra-conservative Republican Party.

Poll after poll has shown the country to be moving toward middle positions that benefit the most citizens, but Carroll's Republicans haven't yet seen the light.

The county's delegation to Annapolis, led by state Sen. Larry E. Haines, goes to the General Assembly each year and returns with little to show for it.

The members consistently return to tell us there are too many Democrats for any of their bills to be passed. But they continue to introduce bills that have little chance of passing and are aware of that. Didn't they know the legislature consisted mainly of Democrats when they ran for office?

Trouble is, none has learned that politics is the art of compromise.

I don't know the motivating factors behind Mayor Gullo's party switch, but I am sure he was dead in Republican politics in Carroll County because of his support of charter government several years ago. The Carroll tent for Republicans is quite small, limited to the "good 'ole boys."

A high school teacher years ago told me that people get the government they deserve. She was right. There will be many defections from the Republican Party by bright young people unless voters wise up and start following the political process in the county.

This is particularly true for those in South Carroll, especially Eldersburg, Finksburg and Hampstead, where rampant growth is causing enormous problems.

By now, Carroll has already learned -- albeit too late -- the damage that two of the county's three commissioners are doing. Until citizens start taking an interest in what is going on and can identify the greedy groups that are running things, nothing will change.

Edmund Burke was right: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Gene Edwards, York, Pa.

Thanks for Krebs on Board of Education

I have lived in Carroll County for 18 years. My husband has lived here a lot longer. I have a child in the Carroll County school system and I am very interested in what is going on with the Board of Education. I do not have time to go to the meetings, because my son is very active in school programs and church. But I do read The Sun and keep up on what is going on.

I am not happy about how the board has handled problems, which are also the community's problems. It had these problems before Susan Krebs came on the board. Many of these were kept under wraps. The corruption and mismanagement of county funds related to school construction, building contractors and real estate has been a disgrace. In a privately run company, "heads would surely roll."

I voted for Ms. Krebs, because she was a fresh face and would not roll over and play dead to the rest of the bureaucracy. She will fight for the children and people of Carroll County. Did you notice that she got the most votes in the election?

I am disappointed that the Board of Education has wasted a year doing nothing but "covering their butts." It is a privilege to serve the people, not a right. The board has thrown much hard-earned money in the trash.

At Liberty High, for example, you have to buy your own Spanish work textbook for your child. Students have to deal with crowded hallways, shortage of lockers, sport outfits that are falling apart and at last count 18 portable classrooms. I am new to Liberty and as my child continues there I will probably find other items that are failing. I do know other schools in the county are worse off than Liberty.

I will consider reading the paper and talking to other officials to find out what the board is doing to solve these problems and work with the one voice of conscience and concern, Ms. Krebs.

Patricia M. Hasenei, Sykesville

Objections to Montessori plans

As chairwoman for the Hughes Shop Road Area Neighborhood Coalition, I would like to clarify information in The Sun about the Montessori school ("School plan raises concern," Oct. 24).

We are not opposed to the Montessori school or its philosophy. We are, strongly opposed to the decision to build a school on Hughes Shop Road.

A school of this size, with future expansion plans, should be located within the limits of public sewer and water and be easily accessable. The proposed site fulfills none of these requirements. It will only be a matter of time before problems arise.

I would also like to clarify some statements by myself and my neighbors.

Terry Reeves, a homeowner whose land is directly adjacent to the proposed school property, was quoted as saying, "I just don't want a school in my backyard." What you neglected to mention was that he and his wife spent months searching for the perfect piece of property, and he was assured at settlement that only one more home was to be built on the remaining property behind him.

The article also says, "Kristie Killam has seen no significant traffic increase since she moved to Hughes Shop Road 10 years ago, but she expects traffic to double when the school opens."

This was not a casual, subjective observation. I obtained this data from Carroll County traffic counts. About 800 cars travel on Hughes Shop Road in the area of the proposed development. Remember that parents must each day deliver and pick up their children. Considering that the school's proposed size of 185 students and approximately 20 faculty (not including proposed expansion), this could amount to an extra 600 to 800 cars passing our houses each day. This traffic will have a huge impact on our safety, property values and qualify of life.

The school's headmistress stated, "This will definitely be a change for the neighborhood, but it will be a good one." We heard this same statement at a meeting with the Montessori people.

When asked to name just one positive thing the school would bring to our neighborhood, the school attorney's reply was, "Well, you could send your kids to our school if you can afford the tuition." We were not reassured or impressed.

We hope that Carroll County in evaluating the proposed site plan will consider the ramifications of this project.

Kristie Killam, Westminster

The writer chairs the Hughes Shop Road Area Neighborhood Coalition.

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