James Velez, 25, who became the focus...


James Velez, 25, who became the focus of an ambitious effort to attain an independent life for a disabled person, died Wednesday from an infection of the blood and spine.

Institutionalized from the age of 7, Mr. Velez longed for a more normal life. In 1996, Job Path, a social service agency, succeeded, gaining his release and moving Mr. Velez into his own Queens, N.Y., apartment.

The improvement of Mr. Velez's life, documented in articles in The New York Times, drove others to ask for similar assistance for disabled children.

Julio Martinez, 55, a former drug addict who eventually headed New York state's drug treatment program, died of cancer Thursday in New York. Mr. Martinez was a central figure in the restoration and expansion of drug treatment programs locally and nationally.

Robert L. Mills, 72, an Ohio State University professor emeritus and co-author of the 1954 Yang-Mills theory in mathematical physics, died Wednesday in Columbus after a long illness.

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