Record night; High schools


It was a record-breaking night Friday in county football. Some of the records that fell:

State and county records

Annapolis 41, North County 24

Most combined total yards: 942 (Annapolis, 488; North County 454)

Most passes attempted, game: 58 (Mike Pfisterer, North County)

Most completions, game: 38 (Pfisterer)

Most pass receptions, game: 21 (Nat Randall, North County)

School records

Rayvon Johnson, Annapolis, RB, vs. North County

Most rushing yards, game: 330 (county, 5th highest)

Most rushing yards, career: 3,638 (county, 2nd)

Most rushing, total TDs, game: 5

Most rushing TDs, season: 23

Most rushing TDs, career: 41

Most TDs, season: 25

Most TDs, career: 47

Darren Johnson, Arch. Spalding, RB, vs. Pallotti

Most TDs, game: 6

Most TDs, season: 15

Most TDs, career: 28

Most rushing yards, season: 1,554

Most rushing yards, career: 2,730

Chris Odom, Severna Park, QB, vs. Arundel

Most TD passes, season: 17

Most TD passes, career: 24 (ties Tim Bowerman, 1991-92)

Paul Gillette, Severna Park, WR:

Most receiving yards, game: 222

Most TD receptions, game: 4

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