"Fay" by William Wegman (Hyperion, 128 pages,...


"Fay" by William Wegman (Hyperion, 128 pages, $26.95) is an enchanting continuation of Wegman's 29-year love affair with photographing Weimeraners. His 14 previous books and his other dog art constitute one of this era's most successful collisions of seriously regarded contemporary art and deliciously outrageous irony. Wegmans' work represents one of the most current examples of the vital role of impishness in art.

In "Fay," Wegman chronicles the story of Fay Ray, canine succesor to his first dog, Man Ray, and mother of perhaps the most famously photogenic brood of puppies in the world.

Witty and sweet, funny and poignent "Fay" is a lyrical paean to the female of many moods who stole the artist's heart.

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