"I think 'Little House in the Big...


"I think 'Little House in the Big Woods' by Laura Ingalls Wilder should be read by other third-graders. I liked when Laura and Mary were square dancing. 'Little House in the Big Woods' is a really good book."

-- Jamal Smith

Pleasant Plains Elementary

"I enjoyed reading 'Case of the Dangerous Cruise' by Lee Roddy. It is mysterious because you don't know what Mr. Yount put inside Josh's bag. It's adventurous because he travels a lot."

-- Parth Patel

Jacksonville Elementary

" 'Marshal Matt and the Case of the Freezing Fingers' is my favorite book by Nancy I. Sanders. Gloves are missing, fingers are freezing and Marshal Matt has to find the gloves that are missing! Janie's new gloves are missing and the kids are starting to share gloves. To find out more about Marshal Matt, read the story."

-- Sabrina Elgersma

Runnymede Elementary

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