Truck driver accused of child pornography


A Westminster dump truck driver was arrested late Wednesday on child pornography charges after he was accused of offering to pay two teen-age boys for sexually explicit pictures he planned to use to start a porn Web site, authorities said.

William R. Williams, 45, of the first block of George St. was taken into custody when he returned to his home while officers were carrying out a court-ordered search.

Williams was charged on two counts each of soliciting minors for pornographic purposes, permitting minors to engage in pornographic activity and filming minors in sexual activity.

Police reported seizing a computer, digital camera, video camcorder, 43 videotapes, 906 video discs, a partial bottle of peach schnapps, and several sexually explicit magazines.

The peach schnapps apparently was confiscated because one of the boys said he was given the alcoholic beverage while being enticed to take pictures of himself nude.

According to charging documents, Lt. Wayne Mann of Westminster police said a woman took her 15-year-old grandson to them Wednesday.

The boy said he had spent the night at Williams' home, where he was enticed to take pictures of himself while he was being videotaped by Williams.

The boy said he was intoxicated when he participated. He also said he was shown a computer image of someone he thought he recognized.

Police said a video was recovered that showed a 14-year-old Westminster boy participating in sexual activity.

In arguing for a high bail, prosecutor Natasha Byus said Williams had no previous criminal record, but she had "serious concerns that he would pose a danger to other possible victims."

Williams was ordered held at the Carroll County Detention Center in lieu of $50,000 bail.

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