Drug charges lead to home teacher's dismissal; Pasadena woman worked with homebound children


A marijuana arrest this week brought a quick dismissal for a teacher of homebound students who had worked under contract for Anne Arundel County schools -- so quick that she found the notice on her door when she got home from the police station.

County police said the teacher, Tammy Mae Dunn, 27, and her boyfriend, Calvin Holmes Jr., 22, were arrested Tuesday morning at their Pasadena home in the 800 block of 207th St.

Seized from the house, according to police, were about three-quarters of a pound of marijuana, valued at $3,500, as well as growing lights, reflective sheeting, plastic planters, potting soil and fertilizer, accounting ledgers and $2,213.

Packaged marijuana was found in the kitchen and a bedroom, and an empty nitrous oxide container was found in the living room, according to police. Also seized were cooler containers from the basement, which police said were used to bring marijuana to the house from a western county site where it was grown outdoors.

Holmes' 1999 Ford F-250 diesel pickup truck also was confiscated by police.

Dunn and Holmes were charged with six drug felonies, including manufacturing marijuana, and possession of drug-making equipment.

Michael Walsh, a spokesman for the county schools, said yesterday that Dunn worked under contract teaching homebound children. She was not assigned to a specific school.

School administrators, informed Tuesday of the arrest, sent the notice of her firing by courier to Dunn's home. She returned to find it tacked onto the door, said a relative, who asked not to be named.

Earlier this month, school administrators transferred Old Mill High School English teacher Holly A. Kapp from classroom duties, two weeks after she was arrested in Baltimore and charged with two counts of felony drug possession.

School officials said they had not known of the arrest, and took the personnel action when informed by a reporter.

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