"My favorite book is 'The Christmas Story'...


"My favorite book is 'The Christmas Story' by David Hately. This book is about a robin who loved Christmas and every Christmas he got red berries. I liked this book because I love robins."

-- Shatia Jones, McCormick Elementary

"Read books by Joanna Cole! If you like magical things or science, you should like Joanna Cole's books about The Magic School Bus. I like them because she makes the characters funny and the books are fun and educational. Have you ridden a space bus to the solar system? Do you want to swim with the fish? Have you been in a human body before? Joanna Cole creates a bus that can turn into anything and take you anywhere. You learn things from this journey."

-- Timothy Hu, Pointers Run Elementary School

"I strongly recommend 'Heather and the Pink Poodles' by Marion Engle to anyone who likes the fifties. In the story, a girl named Heather goes back into the fifties and sings with a group called the Pink Poodles. There are lots of colorful pictures and wonderful characters in this story."

-- Cassandra Holtmann, Gorman Crossing Elementary

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