Toaster snacks a hit with younger setItem:...


Toaster snacks a hit with younger set

Item: Pop-Tarts Snak-Stix

What you get: 6 servings

Cost: About $1.80

Preparation time: Eat from package or warm briefly in toaster

Review: Kellogg's is billing its newest addition to the Pop-Tarts line as a snack for kids and parents on the go. The Snak-Stix is basically a traditional Pop-Tart sectioned into three break-apart pieces and packaged in a resealable foil pouch. While I found the frosted sticks with the graham-cracker crust a little sweet, my 2-year-old loved them, as did a 4-year-old neighbor. If you have a Pop-Tart lover in your house, these are sure to be a lunch-box hit. Flavors include Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Berry.

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