Plane crashes


Active athletes, coaches and officials who have died in aircraft crashes:

Oct. 18, 1925: Marvin Goodwin, Cincinnati Reds pitcher, in Houston.

March 31, 1931: Knute Rockne, Notre Dame football coach, in Kansas.

May 4, 1949: 22 members of Torino, the Italian soccer champion, in Turin, Italy.

Oct. 27, 1949: Marcel Cerdan, former world middleweight champion, en route to fight Jake LaMotta in Spain.

July 1, 1954: John McBride, Alabama halfback, in ROTC training flight in Texas.

Oct. 30, 1954: Wilbur Shaw, president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway, in Decatur, Ind.

Sept. 20, 1956: Tom Gastall, Orioles catcher, in Maryland.

Nov. 27, 1956: Charlie Peete, St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, in Venezuela.

Feb. 6, 1958: Eight members of the English soccer champion Manchester United, in Munich.

Aug. 14, 1958: Six members of the Egyptian fencing team, in the Atlantic.

Oct. 30, 1958: Philip Scrutton, British Walker Cup golfer.

April 29, 1959: Joaquin Blume, Spain's European gymnastics champion, in Madrid.

Oct. 10, 1960: 16 members of the Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo football team, in Toledo, Ohio.

Feb. 16, 1961: 18 members of the U.S. figure skating team, in Belgium.

April 3, 1961: Green Cross, a first-division Chilean soccer team, in the Las Lastimas Mountains.

March 1, 1962: Johnny Dieckman, world fly-casting champion, in Chicago.

April 12, 1962: Ron Flockhart, Scottish racing driver, in Melbourne, Australia.

Feb. 15, 1964: Ken Hubbs, 22, Chicago Cubs second baseman, in Utah.

July 24, 1966: Tony Lema, 1964 British Open champion, in Munster, Ind.

April 28, 1968: Six members of the Lamar Tech track team, in Beaumont, Texas.

Sept. 26, 1969: 25 members of Bolivian soccer team "The Strongest," in the Andes.

Oct. 2, 1970: 14 Wichita State football players, in Colorado.

Nov. 14, 1970: 37 Marshall University football players, in Huntington, W.Va.

Oct. 11, 1972: 30 members of a Uruguayan rugby club, in Chile.

Dec. 31, 1972: Roberto Clemente, outfielder for Pittsburgh Pirates, en route to Nicaragua to bring aid to victims of an earthquake.

June 24, 1975: Wendell Ladner, New York Nets forward, in New York.

Dec. 13, 1977: 14 University of Evansville basketball players and coach Bobby Watson, in Evansville, Ind.

Aug. 2, 1979: Thurman Munson, New York Yankees catcher, in Canton, Ohio.

Jan. 11, 1980: Bo Rein, Louisiana State football coach, in the Atlantic.

March 14, 1980: 14 members of the U.S. amateur boxing team, in Warsaw, Poland.

Aug. 16, 1987: Nick Vanos, Phoenix Suns center, in Romulus, Mich.

Dec. 8, 1987: 17 players of the Alianza Peruvian first-division soccer team, in Lima, Peru.

Sept. 30, 1988: Al Holbert, six-time IMSA champion, near Columbus, Ohio.

July 19, 1989: Jay Ramsdell, CBA commissioner, in Sioux City, Iowa.

April 1, 1993: Alan Kulwicki, NASCAR's 1992 champion, in Blountville, Tenn.

April 28, 1993: 18 players and five team officials of Zambia's national soccer team, in Libreville, Gabon.

July 13, 1993: Davey Allison, NASCAR driver, the day after a helicopter he was piloting crashed in the infield at Talladega Superspeedway in Birmingham, Ala.

April 18, 1996: Brook Berringer, Nebraska quarterback, two days before the NFL draft, when the small plane he was piloting crashed near Raymond, Neb.

May 11, 1996: Rodney Culver, San Diego Chargers running back, in Florida Everglades.

Oct. 25, 1999: Payne Stewart, winner of the 1989 PGA Championship and a two-time U.S. Open winner, two miles west of Mina, S.D.

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