Picture files can be moved to another program in flash; Help Line


I have several photographs saved as .bmp files that I would like to export into a program I have that will only accept .jpg format. Is there any way to easily convert these .bmp files into .jpg?

There is a down-and-dirty solution using the Windows clipboard. The idea is to copy the picture into the computer's memory (also called the clipboard) from the program where it is a .bmp and then paste it into the program that accepts files in the .jpg format.

Call up that photo as a .bmp in the Paint program included in Windows under the Accessories menu. When it is displayed in Paint, click on the Edit command at the top of the screen and then choose Select All and Copy.

Now open your program that works in the .jpg format and then select the option New under the File command at the top of the screen. Next click on the Edit command in that program and choose Paste. The picture you copied from Paint as a .bmp will appear. Now save it as a .jpg and you'll be in business in either format.

My company is upgrading the laptops for all the sales staff, giving our current ones to another department. I have on my laptop two e-mail accounts, including a personal one on AOL. Since I don't particularly want to share personal e-mail with other people and am not savvy enough to know where it goes after it is deleted, can you tell me where to find it and how to delete it permanently?

If I were you, I would simply delete AOL from the laptop and let your company's technical support department restore it if the next user of the laptop needs it. If for some reason you don't want to do that, I'll also tell you how to just delete your e-mail.

To delete AOL entirely, right-click on the Start button at the bottom of your screen and then choose Explore to call up a display showing all the files and folders on the computer. The Explore program creates a narrow window on the left and a larger window on the right showing the content of whichever folder is selected on the left.

Near the top of the left-hand display will be a folder for America Online. Click on that icon and a list of the AOL content will appear to the right. Among the files in that window will be an icon marked Uninstall AOL, which, when clicked, will remove AOL from the computer.

You also can selectively delete your e-mail by deleting the folder you'll find in that same display called Organize.

I'm new at this computer business, and I read the questions and your answers regularly. My question at the moment concerns leaving the computer and monitor on in the sleep mode for extended periods of time (24-plus hours) or shutting it off at night when it won't be used for eight to 10 hours. Friends who are more familiar with computers have suggested various answers to this question. I would very much appreciate your views on this subject.

The answer is that there is no one correct answer. I keep my computers running around the clock because I am a heavy user and hate to wait for any machine to boot up in the morning. But it does cost a bit of money.

A good rule of thumb is that your electric bill goes up about $20 to $25 per year for each PC you leave on around the clock.

I have no excuse for my wasteful ways, but that's the way I like it. Those who do the opposite are just as correct as I am.

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