Plane with 148 aboard makes emergency landing; no one hurt


A twin-engine plane carrying 148 people was forced to make an emergency landing when an engine failed yesterday shortly after takeoff from Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

No injuries were reported on TWA Flight 645.

The incident occurred about 12: 30 p.m. Tread from the left front tire of the MD-80 fell off during takeoff and was sucked into the left engine, causing it to stall, said TWA spokesman Jim Brown.

The pilot decided to turn around and land the plane bound for St. Louis. "It was still safe because the MD-80 is designed to be able to take off with just one engine," Brown said.

As the pilots prepared to land, they noticed a cockpit indicator showing the landing gear was not working properly. The plane flew by the airport's control tower so a visual check could determine whether the gear was down, said Marilyn Corbett, spokeswoman for BWI. The check showed the flight gear was down, and the plane landed safely.

TWA said a plane was brought in from New York and passengers boarded a flight to St. Louis last night.

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