Get the conversation going; Talk About It


"How was your day at school?"

Parents can ask this question every day and still not have much of a picture of what's going on in their child's classroom.

From time to time, Parent & Child will offer some "conversation-starters" excerpted from "The School Savvy Parent," by Rosemarie Clark, Donna Hawkins and Beth Vachon.

These are questions that will help you get answers about your child's school habits, his supplies, studies and more.

But take our advice: Ask only one or two questions at a time!

Here are some questions about your child's learning environment:

* Are you getting used to your new school/room/teacher? How is it different?

* Can you see the board from where you sit?

* What's your favorite subject right now? Why do you like it best?

* What topic are you going to choose for your next writing assignment?

* How did you solve the problem you were having with the math/social studies/science/writing assignment?

* Are you thinking about joining band/playing a sport/trying out for the play?

* What's the best part of your school day? Why?

* What's the hardest part of your school day? Why? What would make it better?

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