State of O's is sadIt is so...


State of O's is sad

It is so painfully obvious that Peter Angelos, his sons, Joe Foss and the others running the Orioles into the ground have never played baseball, or any other sport, for that matter.

These people have used their wealth and nothing else to move into their current positions. They obviously have no experience or knowledge of how to operate a professional sports organization.

They wine and dine at the ballpark in their suits and ties and throw their money around like kings, no doubt discussing roster and management moves over some expensive Scotch in their plush club box suite.

The Orioles and all of us fans are just pawns in their little game of Rotisserie baseball. Only they play this game at our expense, and yet we continue to stuff their fat wallets and agonize over the sad and pitiful state of the team.

Look at the number of talented ex-Orioles coaches and players involved in the playoffs and you have no choice but to accept the fact that the Orioles and Angelos breathe failure.

Patrick Miles Baltimore

Soccer coverage is lacking

Once again I'm puzzled by soccer coverage in the Sunday Sun. In your readership, I believe, you have four nationally ranked programs in Maryland, UMBC, Salisbury State and Hopkins. Last week, all four played on Saturday, and were rewarded with a Page 20E, For the Record, one line scores. This week, three of those four played, Hopkins actually playing Salisbury, and Maryland playing the ranked Tar Heels of UNC, and once again we get their scores in For the Record, with no credit to the goal scorers, assists, etc. To my further agitation, you allow space to skiing, racquetball and volleyball. Isn't soccer still the fastest growing sport in the nation? Don't these deserving programs, and the sport in general deserve more of your support and media exposure? Consider it!

Dave Schroeder Phoenix

Learning from the past

To Pete Angelos:

I just want to write a short letter and remind you of another owner of a Baltimore team. He to likes to change coaches (managers) and tell his general manager how to run the team. He was a successful businessman, also just like you. The people of Baltimore got tired of him making the team and city look bad, and they stopped supporting the team. We all know I'm talking about Bob Irsay and the Colts. Mr. Angelos, don't make the same mistake, hire a good general manager and let him pick the manager and let them run the team.

Rick McDonald Baltimore

Billick must swallow pride

Coach Brian Billick seems to be a stubborn type of fellow. First it was Soctt Mitchell and now Stoney Case as quarterback. The Ravens will not win with either at the position. The best quarterback (Tony Banks) still sits on the bench waiting for Billick to swallow his pride and admit he has made a mistake. Take a lesson from history, coach. Don't fiddle while the team burns up winning opportunities.

Siraj Rashiduddin Baltimore

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