Dallas Bower, 92, a pioneer television producer...


Dallas Bower, 92, a pioneer television producer who also worked in early radio and cinema, died Monday in London. Mr. Bower began sound recording in radio when broadcasting was a novelty. He moved to cinema and then to television, where he became the first producer of drama and opera for the British Broadcasting Corp. One of his first jobs was to record the soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock's 1929 film "Blackmail."

Stanley L. Dritz, 88, who popularized the zipper and other sewing products as part of his family's business, died Saturday in White Plains, N.Y. As president of John Dritz & Sons, Mr. Dritz raised the consumer appeal of a hookless fastener he had first seen in England. He made the fastener, commonly known as the zipper, out of plastic and rustproof metals.

Jack Lynch, 82, the former Irish prime minister best known for his unfulfilled promise not to "stand by" as violence wracked Northern Ireland, died Wednesday at a Dublin hospital. Lynch served as prime minister from 1966 to 1973 and again in 1977, when his Fianna Fail party won its biggest majority ever in Dublin's parliament.

In 1969, when violence spilled into the streets of British-ruled Northern Ireland, Lynch moved some army units to the border to open field hospitals for refugees. But the Catholic militants waited in vain for the tiny Irish army to come to their rescue. Instead, scores of homes were burned in Belfast and the British army was deployed as peacekeepers.

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