'Body Shots'


Fifteen minutes of story and 84 minutes of camera play -- that's what director Michael Cristofer gives us in "Body Shots," a film that starts out as a "Rashomon"-like examination of date rape, but fizzles out at the end, ending in neither a bang nor a whimper, but a cop-out.

And getting to that end isn't half the fun, as Cristofer infuses the film with all manner of slow-motion shots, shadow images, voice-overs, dissolves and replayed images.

"Body Shots," which focuses on eight friends, four men and four women, out for a night of care-free drinking and carousing until things get ugly between two of them, features strong performances, particularly Tara Reid as the possible rape victim and Ron Livingston as a hopeless shlub who specializes in getting lucky. But all the young talent in Hollywood is not enough to energize a movie that takes forever to get nowhere.

Rated R

Running time: 99 minutes

Sun score: **

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