Look for some clearance sales on real estate investment trusts


ADVICE FOR this roller-coaster market:

"There's a Red Tag Sale on Blue-Chip REITS (real estate investment trusts). Although property markets are strong, nobody loves property stocks. Many are on clearance racks; it's a buying opportunity." (Forbes, Nov. 1)

"More likely than 'Dow 36,000' -- the title of a new best seller -- is Dow 3,600, only a retreat to a 12.5 price-to-earnings ratio." (Jeremy Grantham, investment strategist)

"If you have 25 or 30 years to retirement, what happens today isn't terribly important in the grand scheme of things." (Christopher Jones, money manager)

"Don't be spooked by recent turbulence; it's no surprise. Take advantage of market gyrations to buy stocks of companies dominant in their fields." (Kiplinger Washington Letter)

"Forget the advice of Wall Street analysts, many of whom are paid to be bullish at all costs. It's called 'The Bullish Bias.' " (A. Gary Shilling, financial consultant)

"Inflation isn't extinct. Recent increases in food and energy prices should not be shrugged off as non-events." (David Dreman, money manager)

"Be careful! You pay for your mistakes in a bear market." (1999 Stock Trader's Almanac)

"In any market, invest in an IRA! If you invest $2,000 a year from age 25 to 35 -- then stop -- at 12 percent (slightly above the S&P; 500 annual return), your money will grow compounded to $1.26 million by age 65." (Moneyline News Hour, CNN)

"Your emotions are often a 'reverse indicator' of what you ought to be doing in the stock market." (John Hindelong, Dillon, Reed)

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