Decorations good enough to eatThose colorful winter...


Decorations good enough to eat

Those colorful winter squash in the market are more than pretty fall decorations. They're sweetly flavored, can be cooked easily in a variety of ways and are a good source of healthful substances, such as beta carotene, vitamin C, folate and dietary fiber, according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. Look for smooth, dry rinds, free of cracks or soft spots.

Recipes worth remembering

Take a tasty trip down memory lane with "Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book," which celebrates its 70th anniversary with a chapter of 50 all-time favorite recipes. This limited edition (for about $26.95) features such classics as Cranberry Pudding (1930), Potato Rolls (1953) and Maryland Fried Chicken (1968).

Opting for oats in your meatloaf

Oats aren't just for cookies and fruit crisp. They're a popular ingredient for meatloaf. Quaker Oats is offering a free brochure with seven favorite meatloaf recipes. To order a copy, send your name and address to: Magnificent Meatloaf, P.O. Box 487, Chicago, Ill. 60690-0487.

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