"Hey second graders, you have to get...


"Hey second graders, you have to get this book! 'Bill and Pete' by Tomie dePaola is about a crocodile and a bird. The bird helps the crocodile brush his teeth with a toothbrush. This book is so funny that you just have to get it."

-- Tamara Lovelist

Hampton Elementary

"One of my favorite books is 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' by Jon Scieszka. The coolest thing about the book is that the wolf is telling his version of the story. It's funny. You should try it!"

-- Sierra Watts

Charles Carroll Elementary

"I read 'Legend of the Laughing Gecko' by Bruce Hale. Moki the gecko ran far away from his home. Moki got hypnotized. Moki got a reward for making the black boofo (a toad) nice again. I like the book because it takes place in Hawaii and it had geckos."

-- Danny Garrett

Fountain Green Elementary

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