25 years ago: At the most recent...


25 years ago: At the most recent meeting of the Carroll County Board of Education, a change was ordered in the policy relating to "off-campus" social functions. All such activities must hereafter be approved by the principal of the school and should preferably be a senior activity. -- the Community Reporter, Oct. 18, 1974.

75 years ago: Attorney Brown was tipped off Friday night that a cargo of moonshine was on its way from Baltimore for Carroll County and would arrive about 5: 30 in the morning on the Manchester road. State's Attorney Brown, with Sheriff Phillips and Deputy Shipley, went to "Red Hill" and waited. They were rewarded about 5: 25 when John Krause, 2737 Eastern Ave., and Adam F. Drapczynski, 409 S. Robertson St., Baltimore, pulled in back of Harry E. Sullivan's barn, near Cranberry, to hide their goods, it is supposed. State's Attorney Brown, believing from the description given of the car to be the cargo of lightning, followed them in and placed them under arrest. In the car were 1,932 pints and 5 one-gallon jugs of this product. The men were brought here and placed in jail until the federal authorities arrived and took them to Baltimore Saturday afternoon. They were given a hearing Tuesday and convicted. The car, a Dodge touring, was confiscated and will be sold. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 17, 1924.

100 years ago: Perhaps more people were assembled at the oyster supper and lecture at the Academy Hall on Saturday night than had ever assembled in Winfield before, Decoration Day excepted. Before the lecture began, the "SRO" sign was out. Though the hall was packed to capacity, many standing, the closest attention was given the speaker during the entire hour. After the close of the lecture, 9 p.m., supper was served, and from that time until the majority of the people had been fed, there was a stream of people going to and from the dining hall. The older heads among the patrons managed the affair, while the students waited on the tables. Their success showed clearly that they could do things other than translate Latin idioms or demonstrate mathematical formulae. We take this means of communicating our thanks to all who assisted in making the affair a success. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 21, 1899.

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