Meade High article dismays faculty membersWe, members...


Meade High article dismays faculty members

We, members of the current faculty at Meade Senior High School, would like to respond to Kris Antonelli's article, "Battling school's negative image," in The Sun Sept. 26.

We found it disappointing that no active faculty members' opinions were in the article.

We are seriously concerned that people dwell on events of more than a decade ago.

Why not publish an article showcasing our honor-roll students or National Merit Scholars or award-winning Math Club or superior yearbook and newspaper staff? All of those groups exist on a daily basis within our school.

Mark Papier's comments regarding past events at Meade are exaggerated. The stampede and food fights did not happen daily during Mr. Papier's sole semester at Meade. Sleeping students are not necessarily a reflection of an entire school, but perhaps the shortcomings of a frustrated teacher.

We are committed to the students there, committed to change and committed to negating the slurs that lambaste the staff and student body.

Amy M. Weissenburger, Jennifer Powell, Kara Wood, Odenton

The writers teach at Meade High School.

Signs of unity at Sunset Beach

In regard to the Sunset Beach Improvement Association (SBIA) election of Oct. 5, residents pulled together to reclaim their community. It has become increasingly divided during the past few years. Numerous homeowners, who have not attended meetings in years, appeared at this month's election to say, "Enough is enough, we want our community back."

The new association won by a landslide even though an issue was made over 26 proxy votes. Some residents were not aware proxy votes are legal in community associations, but in businesses all over the world. These same people have a history of stacking the house when they plan on motioning an issue and forcing a vote at the same meeting.

Many thanks to the government officials who managed to keep the election on track. What a shame that "referees" were even necessary for something so elementary as a community election.

With neighbors pulling together, the future of SBIA looks promising. Let's hope neighbors will continue to support their new administration by attending monthly meetings and community functions.

Kathy Moore, Pasadena

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