The Angelos WayThe once-proud Oriole Way has...


The Angelos Way

The once-proud Oriole Way has given way to the Angelos Way. In other words, it's Peter Angelos' way or no way, and you're out the door.

The Orioles have become the laughingstock of baseball. To suggest that King Angelos is just as bad as George Steinbrenner is wrong. King Angelos is worse. At least Steinbrenner changed his ways somewhat and let baseball people do their jobs, and now he has won the World Series two of the past three years and is going for another one.

I firmly believe that as long as Angelos owns the club, the Orioles will never win a World Series.

Thomas P. Jones, Baltimore

Wren mistreated Ripken

I believe that Peter Angelos was justified in firing Orioles general manager Frank Wren if for no other reason than the way Wren mistreated Cal Ripken by ordering the team's charter flight to take off without him, knowing full well Ripken was fighting traffic to get to the airport.

One other problem this team doesn't need is a troublemaking drug addict. Before his situation gets worse, Orioles pitcher Doug Johns should follow in the footsteps of Wren and manager Ray Miller and be given a dishonorable discharge immediately.

Walter Boyd, Lutherville

Angelos should hire his kids

Why should anyone believe that the firing of Ray Miller and Frank Wren will improve the on-field performance of the Baltimore Angelosians?

We've been down this road before. It doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to understand that only one person in this tattered organization calls the shots. Until Peter Angelos sees fit to delegate meaningful decision-making responsibility to his general manager, this team will continue to flounder.

As replacements for Miller and Wren, I suggest Angelos hire the two gentlemen he has been relying upon exclusively for advice for many years -- his children. Anyone else who applies for these positions is an idiot or a masochist.

Morton D. Marcus, Baltimore

Murray is the man for O's

I think the Orioles would be smart to hire Eddie Murray as their next manager. With the team going through a transitional period, Murray can be a calming influence in the clubhouse.

The players already respect him and some of them have publicly supported him as their next manager. Any other manager would have to gain respect from the players who, at times, seemed to do things their own way.

He also can bring back the "Oriole Way," which seemed to be lacking a couple of months after Ray Miller took over as manager.

Forget that Murray has no managerial experience. He has been around the game at the major-league level for 23 years, including two as a coach, so he has a very astute knowledge of the game.

Billy Campbell, Hagerstown

Palmer: Mr. Know It All

Orioles owner Peter Angelos should hire Jim Palmer as a one-man know-it-all, an authority on all things pertaining to baseball.

Think of all the salaries that Angelos would save if Palmer were hired to be general manager, manager, pitching coach, batting coach, bullpen coach, scouting coach or any other coach.

Angelos has two choices: Hire Palmer to run everything, or find a new TV commentator. This way, we Orioles fans would not have to watch the games on TV while listening to the commentary on our radio again next year.

Bob Saffron, Sykesville

No special treatment

Cal Ripken is special, a real talent. He's the Iron Man, a popular sports figure, and therein lies the problem. He isn't managed like the other members of the Orioles.

When Mike Bordick was chosen to become the Orioles' shortstop, he had to get Ripken's acceptance beforehand. If he hadn't gotten it, Ripken would've been upset. So Ripken's acceptance was necessary regardless of whether this was good for the team or not.

Ripken, through his popularity, has become bigger than the team.

More recently, the team got to the airport on time, but Ripken was late, and Frank Wren left him behind. Wren's decision was bold and overdue. He felt and acted on the belief that the team is more important than any one player.

Owner Peter Angelos, however, reinforced the fact that Ripken really is more important than the team, using this issue as one reason that Wren was fired as general manager. Would that have been the case if Wren had left a rookie behind to catch his own flight?

If the Orioles are to regain team spirit and be winners, they need a general manager who will not be afraid to take control of all the players, and they need an owner who will let him.

Charles Eary, New Freedom, Pa.

Terps deserve Page 1 play

I was curious to see The Sun's coverage of the Maryland football team after its fourth win of the season Oct. 9 against Wake Forest. Imagine my surprise when I opened Sunday's sports section to find the headlines above the fold extolling the victories of the New York Yankees and Mets!

I looked further below the fold to find an article on the Boston Red Sox and then a photograph of the Maryland win, but still no story -- that was found on Page 7.

As the premier Division I-A state university football program, Maryland deserves better coverage from The Sun.

How many wins will it take to carry the Terps to Page 1? For a sports town that supposedly hates everything about New York, why must our only major newspaper regale us with that city's victories while it buries the real local story?

John P. Shaduk, Hunt Valley

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