Sole Searching; Just for kids


Just gotta show off the coolest look? Here are the freshest trends from some of the heaviest brands. But remember: New soles don't have to cost big bucks, so keep your eyes open for budget-minded copies.

HIGH TOPS: Towering soles make these new Steve Madden shoes sky-high (or almost, that is). From top: Broker, the toggle loafer, Feather, the Mary Jane, and Joey, the green suede loafer, all cost about $69. Look for them online at or call (800) 762-3336 for store locations.

COMEBACK KIDS: Puma really upped its fashion quotient this fall with its Easy Riders ($55 a pair), right, and its G.V. Specials ($60 a pair). Call (800) 662-PUMA (7862) for store locations.

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