An early bird from 1965 gets the Ravens name


When John Marzullo came up with the name Ravens Nest for his bar, he didn't realize what a good choice he had made. After all, it was 1965; and he's owned several different restaurants in the area since then. Now that Baltimore has a football team again, Marzullo wants to turn his Bel Air restaurant into a sports bar, and guess what? He owns the name.

The Olive Orchard (306 S. Main St.), an Italian eatery, will become the Ravens Nest by the end of the month. The menu will feature bar food, but one thing won't change: the 1-pound T-bone steak for $5.95.

Beyond mahi mahi

If you're bored with salmon and rockfish, the Chart House (300 Second St., Annapolis) is featuring South Pacific seafood this fall. OK, you've heard of mahi mahi, but how about ehu, lehi, onaga, opah, opakapaka and uku. The flavors are sweet and buttery, and the Chart House is complementing them with three preparations: miso-glazed, macadamia nut-crusted and ginger-crusted.

Thoughtful service

I dropped in for dinner at Cafe Troia (28 W. Allegheny Ave., Towson) a couple of Fridays ago after I heard founder Gino Troia had left the business in his wife Carol's hands. Our food was fine, but what really made the evening noteworthy was the polished and caring service. I noticed customers at other tables were being equally well cared for.

Poor service is getting to be such a given at restaurants that Troia's waiters deserve a mention, even if they aren't being reviewed officially.

Closed Book

A reader e-mailed me wanting to know about Adrian's Book Cafe (714 S. Broadway): "Any word on the open-closed or new-owner status?"

The cafe, which always had good and interesting food, is closed. The only information I got from a couple of calls to the bookstore is that it might possibly be reopening soon -- which isn't much. As for the new-owner status, Adrian's changed hands a year ago.

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