Oakland Mills Exxon station shuts down -- for now


The Exxon station at Oakland Mills Village Center has closed, the second business to shut down there in recent weeks.

"I guess it worries us because it doesn't look good to come into Oakland Mills and see boarded up stores," said Erin Peacock, the village manager.

But a spokesman for Exxon said yesterday the closure is not permanent.

"The station has been closed temporarily because of the end of our relationship with the former dealer," said Crawford Bunkley. "We expect to reopen the station in the near future."

Wayne Christmann, general manager of Columbia Management Inc., a division of the Rouse Co. that sold the property to Exxon, said Exxon had indicated an intention to modernize the station, which he described as a "pretty dilapidated facility."

"Our understanding is that they would like to renovate the station and bring it back again," he said.

Bunkley would not comment on whether Exxon is planning renovations.

A Royal Farms convenience store, adjacent to the Exxon in the 5800 block of Stevens Forest Road, closed Oct. 1 in part because of a string of robberies. The owners said the store was not profitable.

Congee House, a second Chinese eating place at the village center, opened in August, filling the long-empty Hardee's building.

"We were very pleased that the Chinese restaurant opened before the [Exxon] closed, because we would have had three stores" vacant, Peacock said.

Pub Date: 10/14/99

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