A fish fry without the actual frying


* Item: Oven Fry Fish Fry

* What you get: Enough mix to coat 24 small fish fillets

* Cost: About $2

* Preparation time: Coat fish and fry; or bake for 12 to 20 minutes

* Review: When I lived in Milwaukee several years ago, I got hooked on a great local tradition: the Friday night fish fry. Of course, that was when I could still eat fried foods without feeling guilty. Oven Fry's new coating mix solves that problem. The cornmeal-and-flour-based mix is flavored with onion, garlic and paprika. The baked-in-the-oven fish (I used ocean perch fillets) is not quite as crisp as if it were deep-fried, but it's not as greasy either. The package also includes pan-frying instructions for those who aren't calorie-conscious.

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