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Last time, we had open phones and asked readers to decide the topic.

I see in the paper about the overcrowding at schools in Elkridge and Ilchester and Ellicott City. Stop building all these houses. Come out here and see these five new developments that have not even been built yet, and we can't even handle the kids that are already here, or the water systems. Wake up, Howard County. Stop overbuilding.

Barbara Parry, Elkridge

For three years I have been trying to get an answer to my inquiry regarding the lack of a noise barrier at the end of my street and two others in my development, Wheatfields, in an area that has noise barriers on either side. After a lot of runaround, the state has passed the issue to the county since the road is completed. After an initial meeting, the county will not return my calls. The reasons given by the state are bogus. Simply stated, another developer has been given preference over existing homeowners in the quest for additional tax dollars.

Susan Schwarten, Ellicott City

The county Public Works Department told us we have to take down our NEW brick mailbox before our road can be dedicated. There are hundreds of them in Howard County and we are being singled out. WHY? The county executive's office and James Irvin, director of Public Works, won't budge. WELCOME TO HOWARD COUNTY.

Judy Clark, Glenwood

Traffic circles are great traffic control devices when people know how to use them. Unfortunately, few Americans have ever seen one, much less know their proper use, yet I have seen several popping up in Howard County. May I suggest a little public education on their proper use before any more are built to ease the confusion. (Some drivers seem to pause forever, while others just go on as if they are on a straight road.)

Vic Brown, Ellicott City

Thank you for returning an editorial writer for Howard County. Please consider more stories using actual data, not just "he said/she said" reporting. For example, will someone crunch the numbers looking at housing growth in the northeast part of the county over the past 10 years, and the resulting bulge of students at relatively new schools (Rockburn, Ilchester). Now compare this to what's being proposed at two large developments near Laurel. Seems like county officials are ready to let history repeat itself!

Carolan Stansky, Ellicott City

Pub Date: 10/13/99

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