Just for kids; Be a 4Kids Detective


When you know the answers to these questions, go to http://www.4Kids.org/detectives/

Define this fundamental term in genetics: clone.

How many pictures are in Pappy's Hall of Frames?

Which legendary Irish queen avoided drowning in the flood? (Go to www.nationalgeographic.com/blacksea/ to find out.)


Crayon kids will love the fun and games at Pappyland, where your drawings always come to life. Open the box at http://www.pappyland.com and find a world of art, music and more. You'll play way-cool Pappy games, including the Buddy Bear Scrambler, Pappy's Puzzler and Chucky's Concentration. Or test your scribbling skill at the Doodlebug Challenge, where you'll turn a doodle, shape or line into a picture that surprises everyone! Don't forget to check out the activity of the week, which shows you how to make cool crafts, art and decorations. And be on the watch for your own masterpiece at the Hall of Frames, a gallery of hundreds of drawings. Pappyland is a picture-perfect Web site for kids!


Enroll in Gene School '99 now, at http://library.advanced.org/ 28599. The facts are taught by scientific- thinking teens who know what's what in the lab! The tuition is free, and you'll learn everything from basic gene science (such as why you have the same color eyes as your parent) to futuristic gene research. Sign up for Heredity 101 or take an advanced seminar in Clones or DNA Forensics. On farms and in pharmacies, the world of gene science grows more important every day. A cyber-diploma from the Gene School will show you are up-to-date. Knowledge is power, so make a lot of room in your brain for some powerful molecules!

Pub Date: 10/12/99

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