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I am a beginner with using the Internet and I am confused by some of the terms. I use AOL and did not know I even had a browser. Please explain the difference between the browser, search engine and server.

It's a sad fact of life here at the dawn of the Information Epoch that we're bombarded with jargon we don't need to know. Imagine if we talked about a toaster in terms of bread slice input module, toast density modulator and (pop-up) server.

America Online is the toaster and it uses a module called Microsoft Internet Explorer, known as a World Wide Web browser, to call up sites throughout the Internet.

In addition to the built-in browser, America Online offers a huge collection of its own content that is called up by parts of the AOL software beyond the browser.

Search engines are like the dial that sets what kind of toast you get. They are Web-based services that allow users to type in keywords and then reach out to the Internet to find Web sites and news groups that match. Two great search engines are and

The Internet is a huge network of computers (called servers) that are connected together to share information. When you connect your browser to a server, the information pops up.

And I hope someday this is going to be as easy as toast.

In my friend's high-priced Microsoft Word, though a document has been deleted, the title resides in the menu bar File selection. How can I clear this annoying feature?

Here's how you can lose those telltale lists of past files opened in Microsoft Word:

Click on the Tools choice in the task bar, select Options and pick the tab marked General. There you'll find a menu that includes Recently Used File List. You can either turn it off or set the number of recently opened files to between one and nine. Then the software will keep track of however many documents you specify (or none at all).

Although you dislike this feature, others appreciate how it makes it easy to reopen files they have been working on without having to hunt for them.

How do you call up all the screen savers in your system?

Your question might help many readers find all the screen savers on their system for a quick preview.

Use the Start Button, click on Find Files/Folders and type in +.scr in the box that pops up. This will bring up a list of all the screen savers on your hard drive and you can preview each by clicking on its icon in the Find box.

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