Bullish on Quicken 2000


You'll love the latest version of Quicken. Known as Quicken 2000, the $90 package for Windows 95/98 is designed to take us across the great divide into the millennium with some major and quite appealing enhancements, particularly in the area of personal financial planning for today's bodacious bull market.

Added to standard Quicken modules for tracking spending and investments are powerful Internet tools that bring such features as constant stock price updates, the ability to calculate "what if" scenarios about possible stock buys, asset-mix changes and a fascinating net worth module that lets you use Internet databases to find the market value of your home based on comparisons with your neighbors' properties. The Internet additions continue with superb "life event" planning tools for retirement, home buying, education financing and debt reduction. Here the software works in tandem with the quicken.com Web site to allow planning based on highly accurate personal data and some of the best Web databases available.

Another big feature is careful integration of the company's well-known TurboTax software, which allows today's stock-investing wage earners to track such complexities as capital gains implications, quarterly tax estimations and various W-4 withholding scenarios.

And, if all this high-finance power gets you in trouble, the final module of Quicken 2000 Suite, called Quicken Family Lawyer, may help see you through it.

Information: www.intuit.com or 800-446-8848.

Pub Date: 10/11/99

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