Board invites incredulity, not indictmentIf, as reported,...


Board invites incredulity, not indictment

If, as reported, a grand jury is investigating the Carroll County school board, the process is more likely to end in incredulity than indictment.

How could a school board this side of Dogpatch build a wastewater treatment plant without permits; pave over a private driveway and approve school building plans with little idea of the general costs?

Grant Sheehan, Westminster

Thanks for help for disabled veterans

On behalf of the Carroll County Disabled American Veterans Old Glory Chapter 2, I would like to thank the county commissioners, Westminster mayor, Cable Station 3, newspapers, businesses and the public for making the "Forget Me Not" Drive go over so well.

All funds are used for veterans services. This fund drive is run every September nationwide. I also would like to thank all the members and auxiliary members for helping.

We meet at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Building at 519 Poole Road at 7: 30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. The auxiliary meets the same nights I also would like to thank the Veterans of Foreign Wars 467 for their help over the years.

William Boyd Rau III, Westminster

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