50 years ago: Dr. M. B. Johnson...


50 years ago: Dr. M. B. Johnson of the Medical and Chirulurgical Faculty of Maryland was the guest speaker at the weekly meeting of the Westminster Rotary Club. In his report to the members, Dr. Johnson brought out several points of interest. Although the U.S.A. contains 6 percent of the world's population, it has half the number of hospital beds in the world. Being opposed to socialized medicine as proposed by the government, the speaker stated that the 40 million families in the U.S.A. now average $165 per year per family, as opposed to about $400 per family under socialized medical care. Based on experiences in other countries, the service to the individual patient would be much less satisfying as well as being less efficient because of the added burden of paper work. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 21, 1949.

75 years ago: At the annual state machine gun, rifle and pistol matches at Saunders Range, Company H won the Gov. Albert C. Ritchie machine gun match. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 10, 1924.

100 years ago: Some time ago, L. H. Knox of "Linden Farm" near Gamber gave an estimate of 1,200 bushels as the probable yield of a 60-acre field of wheat on his farm. The wheat has now been threshed. By weight, at 60 pounds to the bushel, which gives the correct measure, the actual amount was 1,230 bushels, an average of 20 1/2 bushels per acre. When estimating the yield, Mr. Knox asked whether there was a field of 60 acres in the county that could make a better showing. He now extends his inquiry to the state. Will our country exchanges ascertain whether Mr. Knox had a successful competitor in wheat growing last harvest? -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 14, 1899.

Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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