Just eat five a day


Here is an excerpt of an editorial from the San Francisco Examiner, which was published Thursday.

CONSIDER THIS the Rubicon. We all know fruits and vegetables are life-savers, yet pizza and doughnuts still make up the main food groups in too many of our diets.

For Baby Boomers especially, let the new results of a 14-year Harvard study be the turning point to a healthy diet. Otherwise, the risk of stroke and other diseases is all the greater.

The study of 76,000 female registered nurses over a 14-year period and 39,000 male doctors and other medical workers over eight years found that the risk of stroke was cut by nearly a third among those who consumed a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. And "rich" is fairly modest.

The study found that people who ate at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day had 31 percent less risk of a stroke than those who ate fewer than three helpings a day.

Diners profit even more if they pick citrus fruits and juice, leafy greens and vegetables in the cabbage family, including broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens, brussel sprouts and bok choy. Delay no longer, particularly those who are on the shady side of 50 and, who are therefore at greater risk for heart and other diseases.

Pub Date: 10/10/99

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