Dimitri Tsafendas,81, who assassinated South African Prime...


Dimitri Tsafendas,81, who assassinated South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd in 1966, died Thursday in Johannesburg. Tsafendas was a parliamentary messenger when he stabbed Mr. Verwoerd to death in parliament in Cape Town on Sept. 6, 1966.

The assassin claimed that a giant "tapeworm" in his stomach had forced him to kill Verwoerd, who was widely considered the architect of apartheid. Ruled insane, Tsafendas was imprisoned and later sent to a mental institution.

Howard C. Raether,83, known to colleagues as "Mr. Funeral Service" during his years as executive director of the National Funeral Directors Association, died in Milwaukee Wednesday. Mr. Raether frequently appeared on radio and television in the 1960s to defend the industry from criticism leveled by British author Jessica Mitford in the 1963 book "The American Way of Death," which portrayed funeral directors as using questionable practices.

Shmuel Schnitzer,81, the founder and former editor of the daily Maariv, died Wednesday at his desk in Jerusalem.

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