Little crusader; Anti-violence: 9-year-old sets an example of community service that elders could learn from.; Bright Lights


IT'S SUCH a cliche: a young, black male whose life is enveloped by violence.

But there's something different about 9-year-old Leon Little III. It's rare enough for a child who has been to more funerals than birthday parties to decide that he won't succumb to a violent lifestyle.

It's quite a bit more difficult -- and unusual -- for a 9-year-old to reach out to his friends, family, teachers and community, to beg for their help in actually stopping violence.

As was detailed in a Thursday article in The Sun, Leon is doing just that in his efforts to start a group called "Young Kids Against Violence" in Howard County. His activities suggest Leon grasps the concept that our responsibilities to do right don't end with ourselves. Good citizens must help build strong communities.

And Leon has gotten this before the age of 10.

Good for him -- and for us. The Baltimore area could use more children -- and adults -- like Leon.

Bright Lights spotlights people who make a difference in the quality of life in this area. It appears periodically in this column.

Pub Date: 10/08/99

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