Contribute regularly to 403(b), beef up stock part


ARE YOU contributing regularly to your 403(b) retirement plan? You should be, advises Financial Planning Perspectives.

Those "are the best way for many people to build retirement nest eggs," it says. "Employees of nonprofit organizations can divert some of their salary before taxes into an account whose earnings grow tax-deferred until withdrawn.

"To make the most of your 403(b):

"Don't put everything in bond funds; 'beef up' the stock portion. Watch out for high fees, especially in annuities. Take advantage of employer matching contributions. Stick to funds with strong five-year records."

WALL STREET WATCH: "Junk bonds should pay more in 2000 than stocks did in 1999 -- and with less risk." (David Goldman, investment strategist)

"Keep your losses small. Until the market is healthy again, any buying should be minimal." (Cabot Market Letter)

"Keep 60 percent of your stock allocation in growth funds, 40 percent in value funds. Growth funds include technology, still a dominant part of our economy." (Sheldon Jacobs, fund strategist)

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