Stealing the torch of the West


Here is an excerpt of an editorial from the Times of India (New Delhi), which was published Monday.

Sony founder Akio Morita was more than just a spectacularly successful businessman; in many ways, he was a Promethean exemplar who wrested the torch of technological innovation from the Western world -- which had unleashed on [Japan] the most terrifying and subjugatory of its inventions in the form of the atomic bomb.

The Walkman and the other electronic products pioneered by Sony ushered a cultural revolution whose battlefield was the microchip.

No longer would technology, with its attendant dreams and nightmares, remain the unquestioning creature of an Occidental Prospero; the so-called Orient had cast aside the mask of sloth and superstition fashioned for it by the West to lay competitive claim to the rewards and hazards of technological innovation and enterprise.

Pub Date: 10/07/99

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