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Q How well can pitcher Greg Maddux of the Atlanta Braves see without his glasses?

-- Nick R., 10, Edina, Minnesota

A "I see very poorly without my glasses," says Greg. "I am nearsighted, which means I have trouble seeing things that are far away.

"I wear glasses most of the time. But I wear contact lenses when I play baseball. I feel safer in contact lenses."

Greg is thinking about having laser surgery after the season. The surgery is supposed to correct Greg's vision. He would be able to see clearly without contact lenses or glasses.

What's My Number?

My name is Jeff Gordon. I am a top NASCAR driver. I tied a single-season NASCAR record in 1998 by winning 13 races. I also won 10 races in 1997 and 10 in 1996. That gave me 42 wins in my first seven seasons! To figure out the number painted on my race car, complete Steps 1 through 3.


____ 1996 wins

+ ____ 1997 wins

+ ____ 1998 wins

= ____ Total for Step 1


____ Career wins 1992-1998

- ____ Total for Step 1

= ____ Total for Step 2


____ Total for Step 1

- ____ Total for Step 2

= ____ Jeff's race-car number

Answer: 24

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