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When I start to type in a address of a Web site I want to visit in Microsoft Internet Explorer, after every letter that I punch the browser displays a directory of past sites I have visited that start with those letters. This is extremely aggravating as I look at the screen as I type and get distracted. Can I get rid of this?

What you hate, others love. To repeat a computer industry cliche, that's not a bug -- it's a feature. Software engineers spent a lot of time rigging things so that as you start to type an Internet address into the browser it automatically displays past addresses starting with those letters, so that when you see one you want you can simply hit the Tab key and Enter to jump back to that site.

Since you hate this feature, you can squash it like the bug it isn't by clicking on Tools and then Internet Options. Look for the box there called History, click on Clear History, and all that carefully stored data will be washed away.

You'll need to do this with every Internet session, but I suspect that once you use the browser for a while, you'll come to appreciate this time saver as much as I do.

I have contacted America Online and still am unable to print a portion of information from the Internet. I highlight the portion I want to print and the entire article prints. Can you please explain how to print a portion of an article?

I am not sure where you got the idea that you can highlight stuff and then send just that stuff to the printer, but that isn't the case. Use the clipboard feature built in to the Windows and Macintosh operating systems to copy the stuff you highlight and then paste that same stuff into a word processor or other application that will let you make a printout.

In the America Online software, you want to highlight what you want and then click on Edit in the tool bar. Pick Copy in the menu that pops up.

Next run your word processor and choose Edit in its menu and then pick Paste. With the selection in your word processor, all you need to do is select File and then Print. Once you do this a time or two it will become second nature.

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