" 'The Switching Hour' by Joanne Barkan...


" 'The Switching Hour' by Joanne Barkan is my favorite book because it has monsters from Halloween and the monsters scare the kids. The character embarrasses himself, the monster embarrasses himself by telling that he lives in a dump."

-- Daniel Saunders

Leith Walk Elementary

"Do you like mind-quizzing mysteries that take place on top of a mountain? If so, read 'The Mountain Top Mystery' by Gertrude Chandler Warner. I read it because I was reading a collection called 'The Boxcar Children.' 'The Mountain Top Mystery' is the ninth one. It's about two Native Americans, ancient pottery and a family."

-- Hannah Bands

Trinity School

" 'The Runaway Teddy Bear' by Ginnie Hofmann was a very exciting book. It is about Arthur, the teddy bear, and a boy named Andy. The problem is that Arthur wants to run away. Poor Arthur thinks he does not get any attention. The problem is solved when Andy saves Arthur's life. When Arthur ran away, he walked across a log and fell into the river. 'The Runaway Teddy Bear' was a great book because I really like bears."

-- Michael Bishop

Bel Air Elementary

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