Growls and squeals for fun; ACTIVITY


The story of "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig" is a variation on "The Three Little Pigs," so the satire will appeal to older readers. The repetition makes the story predictable, so it is enjoyable to younger readers who love knowing what comes next. Here are some read-along tips to add to the fun:

*Read slowly and change your voice for each of the different animals. After the pig has demolished the wolves' first house, your child will soon join in with the refrain.

* Try to show the expression of fear the wolves feel each time as they narrowly escape. Make the pig's voice loud and strong, like the bully he is trying to be. The more you exaggerate, the more fun your child will have pretending.

* As your child becomes more familiar with the story, pause and give him time to fill in the blanks.

Activity -- silly sentences

To help your child understand satire and absurdities, read each sentence below and ask him to tell you what is silly about it. Then experiment by making up other silly sentences with your child:

* It was raining, so he put down his umbrella.

* Mary took off her hat and mittens before she went out to play in the snow.

* It is fun to drink a hot dog at the baseball game.

* I always take the longest route to school so I will get there faster.

* It is important to brush your teeth before going to bed in the morning.

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