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WOCT-FM billboard sends sexist message


ADVERTISERS like guys. They like relatively young American guys, 25 to 42 years old, guys who work hard for their money, who drink beer, who eat fast food, guys who like cars and sports, guys who might be dating, guys who might be married with children. Guys who buy blacktop sealer by the 5-gallon drum. Real guys.

So, if you run a radio station that runs on revenue from the advertisers who like guys, then your radio station had better appeal to guys. And how do you get your radio station to appeal to guys?

You put up billboards with giant female breasts and the words: "What a pair!"

Subtlety doesn't work in this high-pressure business. You need to make a splash.

If you're putting a pair of new personalities on the air, as WOCT-FM did in recent months, then you need to do something outrageous, maybe even offensive and obnoxious.

Whatever it takes.

Maybe someone -- in this case, an elementary school principal in Northeast Baltimore -- will complain about your billboards, and you might

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