'Drive Me Crazy'


The title "Drive Me Crazy" suggests passion, desire, torment, frenzy -- anything but the predictable scenario and flat characters drawn by director John Schultz and screenwriter Rob Thomas ("Dawson's Creek").

Melissa Joan Hart (TV's "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch") plays Nicole Maris, a perky 17-year-old completely wrapped up in the school social scene and her romantic pursuit of basketball jock Brad (Gabriel Carpenter). Adrian Grenier ("The Adventures of Sebastian Cole") is Chase Hammond, Nicole's neighbor and childhood friend who's a social dropout by choice.

When Nicole is bypassed by the jock before the big dance, and Chase is dumped by his lusty girlfriend, Dulcie (Ali Larter), Nicole persuades Chase to start dating her to make Brad and Dulcie jealous and win them back.

Along the way there is more manipulation and back-stabbing than in an episode of "Melrose Place," more drinking than on a Mardi Gras bender and less meaningful conversation between parents and kids than, one hopes, in most American families.


Pub Date: 10/01/99

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