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Vedder rocked with Who idol Townshend

A recent performance by Pete Townshend and Eddie Vedder at Chicago's House of Blues was a total rush! It was exciting to witness rock heroes from two generations working side by side to make music -- and help kids.

This invitation-only event benefited Maryville Academy, a charity that helps physically, sexually and emotionally abused children.

Pete kicked things off with a ripping version of his Who classic "Won't Get Fooled Again." He jabbed at his guitar with a force that would make any grunge guitarist green with envy.

For Eddie, it was like rock 'n' roll fantasy camp. As a kid, the Pearl Jammer says, he used to sing the words to The Who songs over and over. So when Pete gave him the microphone on The Who's "I'm One," Vedder tore into the tune with enthusiasm.

What made this concert exciting was that it seemed so spontaneous. With Pete and Eddie, it was all about mutual respect, a great cause and music delivered with emotion and honesty.

Do-good denim

The freshest jeans around don't have a dap brand name, lots of pockets or tight trims. They're the classic five-pocket denims(pants or shorts, fitted or relaxed).

So what's the name? G.I. Pride jeans. They have a rear-pocket patch that looks like a $1 bill and says "As American as the dollar" and "The socially correct jean."

They're made in the United States by Goodwill Industries, which employs more than 300 disabled people to make 1,400 pairs of camouflage pants daily for the Marines and Army. To make jeans, too, Goodwill added 200 workers.

The jeans are a sweet deal, with prices straight from history class (pants cost $17.76, shorts $14.92). They were launched on July 4 at Goodwill stores in Miami, but have yet to go nationwide. For now, get them online at

-- Lisa Skolnik

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