Be a 4Kids Detective; Just for kids


When you know the answers to these questions, go to

Screenwriters weren't needed in cinema until what?

What company made Rockefeller millions of dollars?

How long does it take for the moon to orbit the Earth? (Go to to find out.)


Whether it's the amazing special effects of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace," or the comic voiceovers of "Antz," today's movie-making industry is exciting and cutting-edge. Now you can hang out behind the scenes with the cast and crew at Cinema: How Are Hollywood Films Made? The site covers all the bases, from acting to screenwriting to directing. To go there you only need to memorize this line, The site features a full rundown of how a movie scene is shot, from the lighting and sound mixing to set decoration, costumes and makeup. You'll even get to try your hand at managing a film or writing a scene. Whether you're looking to make it big in Hollywood, or simply want to direct a short film for your next school assignment, this is the ultimate movie-making site for kids. Take some action: The bright lights and big screen await!


The history of money is a fascinating one--full of colorful characters who chased greenbacks for a living. Meet the traders, brokers and bankers who couldn't get enough of the moolah at the Museum of American Financial History. Take a walk down yesterday's Wall Street at Once here, you'll learn more about the traveling exhibits, one of which looks at the financial instruments used during the Civil War--including obsolete banknotes and government bonds. From the magazine link, you'll meet legendary entrepreneurs such as John D. Rockefeller. If you're looking to cash in on more money information online, you'll love the links to cool sites such as Moneyopolis and the SMG2000 Stock Market Game.

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